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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011


East Bandung , January 12th 2011..
with love..
with tears..
with you..

just make a different statement on my own.. I'm not too sobby before you.. you can see it from my damn serious eyes.. you're really absolutely nice for me.. you reach my life when you know me.. I had just resigned.. you're really important in my life.. making a little smile when you accost me.. it's too expeditious.. but, I believe you are really really kind.. :D

making me always think of you everytime.. ooo, you are too mischievous in this condition !! hha
occasionally, you make me cannot sleep well. but, it's not problem and I'm happy !! :D

there's hope, here is hope too. 

2 days ago, I had watched LOVE IN PERTH lonely.. I sat and scrutinized it !
                  I getting miss and miss about you.. oh no, it's too much ! :D

well, and now you will go to go !!
I hope you welfare and no one accident on you..

bye bye ! From BANDUNG with LOVE..

really waiting you, here..

opened your eyes when you look a rain there..
because, I have many likelihood to enter into it.. :D

it's so funny, but you like it, don't you?

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